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Wavy World Group provides an onsite managed service to some of the leading brands in the Food, Warehouse, Distribution and E-commerce sectors. As a specialist in large scale volume recruitment, we operate as a strategic partner with our clients. We look at the service through the customer lens, ensuring we continue to invest in onsite management resources, technologies and innovation for the long term. We operate a pricing structure in line with our customer's business ensuring that we partner from both a delivery and commercial perspective. Contact us to find out more information about how we can partner to improve retention, quality and performance of your workforce.

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We will utilise every available resource to match the applicant with the potential employer, whether on a short or long term assignment or for a permanent position.

Whether you are an employer who needs to fill a vacancy with ‘just the right person’ or a job seeker looking for permanent, temporary or contract work, Wavy World Group is here to help you.

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